snapshot—january 2018 | 10:09 | The Tenderness Project | 2018

Bodies: it’s not me it’s you | 25:10 | The Heart | 2017
(Called “a must-listen” by The Lily. Included in The Guardian‘s Podcast Picks of the Week.)


who cries for the black girl? | 1:15:24 | Amherst, MA | 2015

“who cries for the black girl?” is a documentary project about five college-educated black women in their early 20s and their experiences with depression, negotiating depression as a clinical diagnosis versus the possibility of a general melancholia that exists as a byproduct of being a black person, alive, in the United States. This video was created in 2015 through a Sociology Special Topics course that Bereola designed.

(Feministing says that “in its remarkable honesty, vulnerability, and specificity, [the film] feels relevant and real well beyond one school.” Also mentioned on AFROPUNK.)